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Organizational Contacts



Contact List 
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12 Tribes Ministry: Simeon Tribe (February)  Ministry  Eva Johnson  Tribal Leader  (404) 286-1858  N / A  evamike@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: Gad Tribe (March)  Ministry  Rudy Seals  Tribal Leader  (404) 696-9582  N / A  rude@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: Judah Tribe (April)  Ministry  Mike Gregory  Tribal Leader  (770) 313-5152  N / A  majik44@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: IssacharTribe (May)  Ministry  Reginald Harris  Tribal Leader  (770) 595-3998  N / A  rlharris82@msn.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: ZebulunTribe (June)  Ministry  Edward Patton  Tribal Leader  (678) 858-0818  N / A  epatton49@gmail.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: JosephTribe (July)  Ministry  Carl Goodwin  Tribal Leader  (770) 512-3524  N / A  chgoodwin@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: Levi Tribe (August)  Ministry  Janice Brady  Tribal Leader  (404) 213-1366  N / A  cbrady4@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: Benjamin Tribe (September)  Ministry  Sylvia Rush  Tribal Leader  (404) 254-5823  N / A  Sylviarush@hotmail.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: Dan Tribe (October)  Ministry  Carolyn Hayes  Tribal Leader  (404) 421-7386  N / A  cjhayes55@gmail.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: Asher Tribe (November)  Ministry  Robert Grier  Tribal Leader  (770) 784-8207  N / A  reverendreg1@gmail.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: Naphtali Tribe (December)  Ministry  Phil McGregor  Tribal Leader  (678) 565-3885  N / A  phil.mcgregor.cn6p@statefar.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: Reuben Tribe (January)  Ministry  Rev. Truman Savage  Tribal Leader  (770) 323-4216  N / A  trumsavage@aol.com 
Mission Council Officers  Other Organization  Sis. Bettie D. Scott  To be provided  To be provided  To be provided  To be provided 
Junior Red Circle  Mission Group  To be Provided  To be Provided  To be Provided  N / A  To be Provided 
Senior Red Circle  Mission Group  To be Provided  To be Provided  To be Provided  N / A  To be Provided 
Women's Ministry  Ministry  Sis. Mary Robinson  Secretary  (770)918-9111  N / A  Women.ministry@yahoo.com 
Board of Directors  Other Organization  Dr. Shaunta Adams  Secretary  (404) 483-3035    shaunta136@hotmail.com 
Boy Scouts  Other Organization  Dea. Carnell Hayes  Scout Leader  (404) 932-5407  N / A  To be Provided 
Choir Presidents Council  Choir  Christine O'Kelley  President  (404) 932-0898  N / A  christineokelley@bellsouth.ne 
Mission Council  Mission Group  Sis. Bettie D. Scott  President  (404) 289-0146  N / A  bdscott8@comcast.net 
Beulah Business Network  Ministry  Dea. Percy Brinkley  President  (770) 981-4584  N / A  percy@brinklyrealtygroup..com 
Sacrifice Usher Board  Usher Board  Bro. Joseph Smith  President  (770) 597-2035  To be provided  jsmit923@bellsouth.net 
Service Guild  Mission Group  Sis. Debra Jordan  President  (404) 218-9247  N/A  vestlet10@gmail.com 
Sacrifice Choir  Choir  Sis. Christine O'Kelley  President  (404) 932-0898  N / A  Christineokelley@bellsouth.net  
Alfonza Campbell Choir  Choir  Dot Jenkins  President  (404) 694-1193  N/A  DJDottyj@aol.com