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Organizational Contacts



Contact List 
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E. D. Thomas Male Chorus  Choir  Bro. Henry Manley  President  (404) 243-7866  To be provided  hm1523.hm@gmail.com 
First Family Aide Ministry  Ministry  Sis. Paula Neely  Chairperson  (770) 474-1741  To be provided  joyfulpaula@bellsouth.net 
Candy Stripe Ministry  Ministry  Sis. Erica Johnson  Lead Coordinator  (678) 361-2751  To be provided  eej1908@gmail.com 
InStep Ministry  Ministry  Akecia Cunningham  Coordinator  (404) 734-8481  To be provided  instep100@hotmail.com 
InSync Ministry  Ministry  Bro. & Sister Lee Snell  Co-Directors  (770) 413-6902  To be provided  gllens22@gmail.com 
James Freeman Usher Board  Usher Board  Sis. Sylvia Rush  President  (404) 254-5823  To be provided  sylviarush@hotmail.com 
Jerry D. Black Sr. Choir  Choir  Sis. Jessie Parker  President  (678) 467-0869  To be provided  jessie.parker210@yahoo.com 
Joshua Man Brotherhood  Ministry  Bro. Idus Sanders  Chairman  (404)241-8658  To be provided  idus@bellsouth.net 
Lessie Cash Usher Board  Usher Board  Sis. Gertha Lowe-Ward  President  (770) 483-7799  To be provided  Calvward@bellsouth.net 
Maggie Howard Circle  Mission Group  Josephine E. Handy -Sewell  President  (678) 694-8669  To be provided  Handyjosephine@yahoo.com 
Male Usher Board  Usher Board  Bro. Bedell Finley  President  (404) 313-7506  To be provided  bejr366@bellsouth.net 
Sacrifice Usher Board  Usher Board  Bro. Joseph Smith  President  (770) 597-2035  To be provided  jsmit923@bellsouth.net 
Youth Usher Board  Usher Board  Kira Jacobs  Advisor  (000) 000-0000  To be provided  To be Provided 
Mission Council Officers  Other Organization  Sis. Bettie D. Scott  To be provided  To be provided  To be provided  To be provided 
Girl Scouts  Other Organization  Sis. Deborah Taylor  Coordinator  (770) 864-1553  To be provided  detay0404@gmail.com 
Music Department  Other Organization  Bro. Chip Norman  Min. Of Music  (770) 808-6245  N/A  MusicDepartment@BeulahBaptist.org 
Service Guild  Mission Group  Sis. Debra Jordan  President  (404) 218-9247  N/A  vestlet10@gmail.com 
Sunday School Department  Other Organization  Bro. Mike Moore  Associate Superintendent - Adult Division  (404) 418-7866  N/A  mikejmoore@Att.net 
Tom Carlton Youth & Young Adult Choir  Choir  Bro. Donald Harris  President  (706) 474-3083  N/A  dermid.harris@gmail.com 
Ministry for the Incarcerated  Ministry  Rev. David Koonce  Coordinator  (770)785-2041  N/A  solidrock4777@hotmail.com 
Mother's Board  Mission Group  Mother Verna Montgomery  President  (404) 771-3993  N/A  verna818@att.net 
Music Arts & Drama Ministry  Ministry  Sharon Murray  President  (404) 244-1361  N/A  sewmurray1@bellsouth.net 
Open Hands Ministry  Ministry  Bro. Marvin Dickinson  Coordinator  (678) 755-7615  N/A  dickinma@us.ibm.com 
Junior Deacons  Youth Department  Rev. Andre' Gilyard  Coordinator  (678) 521-3404  N/A  agilyard61@yahoo.com 
Intercessory Prayer Ministry  Ministry  Dea. Eddie Ashley  Coordinator  (770)385-2940  N/A  edntray@bellsouth.net