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Organizational Contacts



Contact List 
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Board of Directors  Other Organization  Dr. Shaunta Adams  Secretary  (404) 483-3035    shaunta136@hotmail.com 
Young Adult Ministry "FRESH"  Ministry  Bro. Jerrod Owens        beulahfresh@gmail.com 
Bereavement Committee  Ministry  Geneva Simms  Coordinator  (404) 241-3307  1221  g.simms@comcat.net 
New Members Ministry  Ministry  Rev. Mark Seals  Director  (404) 241-3307  1224   
The R.O.C.K.  Youth Department  Rev. Randolph Roach  Minister of Youth Department  (404) 241-3307  1252  RevRRoach@beulahbaptist.org 
Benevolent Committee  Ministry  Dea. Ronnie Marshall  Chairman  (404) 241-3307  1261  To be provided 
Evangelism Ministry  Ministry  Rev. Maurice Ficklin   Director Ministry of Evangelism  (870) 718-2228  N / A  mdficklin@yahoo.com 
Nurses Guild  Mission Group  Sis. Casondra Petty  President  (404) 284-2264  N / A  casondra.petty@yahoo.com 
P. W. Elliott Choir  Choir  Eunice Zachery  Adviser  (404) 401-2916  N / A  ehzz@yahoo.com 
Odessa Carlton Usher Board  Usher Board  Sis. Martha Tyson  President  (404) 289-0307  N / A  marthatyson66@gmail.com 
Usherette Usher Board  Usher Board  Vivian Thomas  President  (000) 000-0000  N / A  To be Provided 
Women Working for Christ  Mission Group  Judy D. Davis  President  (404) 428-8818  N / A  totg2516@yahoo.com 
Women's Ministry  Ministry  Sis. Mary Robinson  Secretary  (770)918-9111  N / A  Women.ministry@yahoo.com 
Board of Trustees  Other Organization  Dea. Nate Jackson  Chairman  (404) 234-2808  N / A  NJackson@BeulahBaptist.org 
Sacrifice Choir  Choir  Sis. Christine O'Kelley  President  (404) 932-0898  N / A  Christineokelley@bellsouth.net  
Dance Ministry  Ministry  Dawn Kearse  President  (404) 551-9276  N / A  sunrisecreations@hotmail.com 
Junior Red Circle  Mission Group  To be Provided  To be Provided  To be Provided  N / A  To be Provided 
Senior Red Circle  Mission Group  To be Provided  To be Provided  To be Provided  N / A  To be Provided 
The Beulah Community Family Life Center  Ministry  Anthony Watson  Director  (678) 553-6039  N / A  AWatson@beulahbaptist.org 
12 Tribes Ministry: Simeon Tribe (February)  Ministry  Eva Johnson  Tribal Leader  (404) 286-1858  N / A  evamike@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: Gad Tribe (March)  Ministry  Rudy Seals  Tribal Leader  (404) 696-9582  N / A  rude@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: Judah Tribe (April)  Ministry  Mike Gregory  Tribal Leader  (770) 313-5152  N / A  majik44@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: IssacharTribe (May)  Ministry  Reginald Harris  Tribal Leader  (770) 595-3998  N / A  rlharris82@msn.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: ZebulunTribe (June)  Ministry  Edward Patton  Tribal Leader  (678) 858-0818  N / A  epatton49@gmail.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: JosephTribe (July)  Ministry  Carl Goodwin  Tribal Leader  (770) 512-3524  N / A  chgoodwin@bellsouth.net