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Organizational Contacts



Contact List 
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New Members Ministry  Ministry  Rev. Mark Seals  Director  (404) 241-3307  1224   
Activities Department  Other Organization  Alfred Swann  Chairman  (404) 284-5579  N/A  10swans@bellsouth.net 
Junior Deacons  Youth Department  Rev. Andre' Gilyard  Coordinator  (678) 521-3404  N/A  agilyard61@yahoo.com 
LEAP Tutorial Minstry  Ministry  Sis. Agnes McGregor  Director  (678) 592-0805  N / A  amcgre3088@aol.com 
The Beulah Community Family Life Center  Ministry  Anthony Watson  Director  (678) 553-6039  N / A  AWatson@beulahbaptist.org 
Mission Council  Mission Group  Sis. Bettie D. Scott  President  (404) 289-0146  N / A  bdscott8@comcast.net 
Genie Jackson Circle  Mission Group  Sis. Bettie D. Scott  President  (404)289-0146  N/A  bdscott8@comcast.net 
Male Usher Board  Usher Board  Bro. Bedell Finley  President  (404) 313-7506  To be provided  bejr366@bellsouth.net 
Young Adult Ministry "FRESH"  Ministry  Bro. Jerrod Owens        beulahfresh@gmail.com 
Glenda J. Black Cancer Support Group  Ministry  Sis. Brenda Steele  Coordinator  (678) 548-9462  N/A  brendasteele@bellsouth.net 
Golden Eagles  Mission Group  Sis. Betty Thomas  President  (404) 241-5093  N/A  bthomaslt65@gmail.com 
Lessie Cash Usher Board  Usher Board  Sis. Gertha Lowe-Ward  President  (770) 483-7799  To be provided  Calvward@bellsouth.net 
Nurses Guild  Mission Group  Sis. Casondra Petty  President  (404) 284-2264  N / A  casondra.petty@yahoo.com 
12 Tribes Ministry: Levi Tribe (August)  Ministry  Janice Brady  Tribal Leader  (404) 213-1366  N / A  cbrady4@bellsouth.net 
12 Tribes Ministry: JosephTribe (July)  Ministry  Carl Goodwin  Tribal Leader  (770) 512-3524  N / A  chgoodwin@bellsouth.net 
Choir Presidents Council  Choir  Christine O'Kelley  President  (404) 932-0898  N / A  christineokelley@bellsouth.ne 
Sacrifice Choir  Choir  Sis. Christine O'Kelley  President  (404) 932-0898  N / A  Christineokelley@bellsouth.net  
12 Tribes Ministry: Dan Tribe (October)  Ministry  Carolyn Hayes  Tribal Leader  (404) 421-7386  N / A  cjhayes55@gmail.com 
Beulah Calendar Request Committee  Other Organization  Christine O'Kelley  Chairperson  (404) 932-0898  N / A  cokelley@beulahbaptist.org 
Christian Youth Basketball League  Youth Department  Sis. Freddi Collins  Coordinator  (404) 597-3561  N / A  collinsf@fultonschools.org 
Tom Carlton Youth & Young Adult Choir  Choir  Bro. Donald Harris  President  (706) 474-3083  N/A  dermid.harris@gmail.com 
Girl Scouts  Other Organization  Sis. Deborah Taylor  Coordinator  (770) 864-1553  To be provided  detay0404@gmail.com 
Open Hands Ministry  Ministry  Bro. Marvin Dickinson  Coordinator  (678) 755-7615  N/A  dickinma@us.ibm.com 
Alfonza Campbell Choir  Choir  Dot Jenkins  President  (404) 694-1193  N/A  DJDottyj@aol.com 
Intercessory Prayer Ministry  Ministry  Dea. Eddie Ashley  Coordinator  (770)385-2940  N/A  edntray@bellsouth.net