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Membership Fees - Beulah Church Members Only
(You must be on the church's roll to receive member's rates)

Beulah Church Member Plans 


Draft payments will be charged to a credit card, debit card, or checking account on the first day of each month,
for that month.

Registration Fees: A one time registration fee of $50 is charge to all new members.

Beulah Missionary Baptist Church Membership Fees

Membership Type (Age) Monthly *Quarterly *Semi Annual *Annual
13+ $30 $90 $180 $360
  • An registration fee plus a prorated first month fee are paid upon enrollment
  • The monthly payment plan is on a "month-to-month" basis and can be stopped at any time (30-day notice
    required to prevent extra month's fee payment)

* Quarterly, semi annual, and annual plans have a 7-day grace period after membership expires before being re-assessed a registration fee.