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Board of Christian Education 


Purpose: It is the primary goal of the Board of Christian Education to help Beulah grow spiritually by developing converts into disciples, and disciples into worker and leaders who are spiritually equipped to religiously work and witness so that others are brought to Christ.

The Minister of Christian Education will also assist the Pastor in coordinating activities and teaching in the areas of college ministries, youth tutorial programs, AGAPE, and all other areas and departments as it relates to the strengthening of Beulah Baptist Church in the Baptist Doctrine. Most importantly, to educate our church in the Christian faith and educationally as a whole.

The Department of Christian Education consists of the following:

* The Board of Christian Education
* The Sunday School

The three main directives of Christian Education are:

* That the person will seek to come into the right relationship with Jesus Christ.
* That the convert will become a mature disciple.
* That the disciple be equipped to carry out the work of the ministry.


The objective of Christian Education is that all persons be aware of God through His self-disclosure, especially His redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ, and that they respond in faith and love, to the end that they grow as children of God rooted in the Christian community, live in the spirit of God in every relationship, fulfill their common discipleship in the world and abide in the Christian hope.

The Board of Christian Education shall have as its motto and creed:
Equipping the saints to do the will of our heavenly Father!  


Membership Criteria:  


Meeting Date: To be provided 


Contact Name: Rev. Mark Seals 


Contact Phone: (404)241-3307   Ext:  1224


Contact Email: 

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Board of Christian Education