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Ethics Committee 
By: Christopher Hightower 

The Board of Directors of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church is seeking members to comprise the church's first Ethics Committee. A temporary committee, the Ethics Committee, will create a Code of Conduct for the church. The Ethics Committee, which will consist of three but no more than five persons, will be dissolved after the Code of Conduct document is developed.

The Code of Conduct will include the church's Ethics Statements. The primary purpose of the document is to serve as a guideline for internal and external parties such as repair and maintenance companies, suppliers of goods and services, and other contractors that perform work for the church that require written agreements or contracts.

The Board of Directors is seeking church members in good standing that have experience in the legal, human resources, or auditing area to be a part of the committee. Members who believe they have the expertise and time to dedicate toward this project should contact Deacon Eugene Carlton at Carltong@gc-es.com or Brother Brian Terry at eoterry@live.com. Members are encouraged to consider serving in such a historical capacity in the life of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.

The Board of Directors of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church is responsible for 1) ensuring that policies and guidelines are in place to either eliminate or reduce the liabilities to the church in the area of asset management, property management, vehicle management, child abuse, and the use of equipment associated with the aforementioned areas; 2) assisting in recruiting and hiring key church personnel; 3) ensuring that the church adheres to and complies with section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code; 4) purchasing all real and/or personal property, including designating officers to execute documents to support a purchase; 5) mortgaging and selling all real and/or personal property of the church; 6) performing all corporate matters subject to state and federal statutes or other functions delegated to it by the church conference; and 7) establishing, adhering to and enforcing all policies, procedures and guidelines of the Beulah Family Life Center.


Pastor Jerry D. Black Ex-Officio -
Deacon Eugene Carlton Chairman -
Brother Brian Terry Vice Chairman Director of Strategic Planning
Deacon James Sawyer Treasurer Director of Finance
Sister Julia Edwards Secretary Director of Critical Records
Sister Dorothy Jenkins Assistant Secretary Director of Risk Management
Sister Shaunta' Adams - Director of Strategic Planning
Brother Mylan Anderson - Director of Critical Records
Deacon Nathaniel Jackson BBC Trustee Board Chairman -
Brother Robert (Bob) Davis - Director of Contracts & Legal
Deacon Nathaniel Harris BBC Business Administrator -
Brother Ken James - Director of Human Relations
Sister Kim Lee - Director of Resource Development
Deacon Anthony Sims BBC Deacon Board Chairman -